Spiritual Rebel Propaganda


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ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ was formed by two greek orthodox monks after their disillusionment from both the mainstream christian scene and the black metal scene. The monks used to live at Mount Athos as devout followers of the church, but after a catastrophic falling out with the corrupted priest leadership, they've gone rogue in the mountains of the area. In hiding, they resorted into armed conflict, eventually planning for a rebellion that will overthrow the ruling priest class. The two monks have undergone a radical spiritual and political transformation since then, discovering at the same time black metal music and social justice culture. They begun recording music in cheap portable equipment among the caves and forests and were soon releasing obscure demos in the internet, joining the circle of Batushka, the international commune of orthodox priest black metal musicians, yet quickly left, due to the rampant elitism and fascist sympathies endemic in black metal culture. ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ thus condemn all previous incarnations of Batushka as reactionaries and proclaim themselves as the sole inheritors of the spirit of TRUE CHRISTIAN REBEL BLACK METAL.

ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ fervently support socialism, anarchy, feminism, lgbtq+ rights, religious tolerance and follow a radical anti-fascist spirit in every facet of life. Τhey are true black metal zealots and fanatics and their one and only path is that of constant rebellion, they won't rest until the bourgeoisie is overthrown and all nazis, fascists, religious fundamentalists and such lowlife are given the way of the well (Meligalas, to be specific) and their enablers and sympathizers that of their ass getting whooped.

"Spiritual Rebel Propaganda" is their first album to see a worldwide release, concieved and recorded all in a single night, after a sudden and violent rapture of divine, inspirational light upon their hearts.

PS. The monks have learned that some silly blackmetallers thought ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ is an "ANTIFA parody". Not only ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ is proudly and openly ANTIFA, but would like to use this opportunity to remind you that they are 100% serious in every title and lyric (upcoming) of theirs. You get the boot too. You get the god damn boot too.


released September 30, 2019


all rights reserved



ΜΠΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ Mount Athos, Greece

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